Dear Colleagues and our Future, Our Interns,

The point we have reached in microsurgery and hand surgery in our country and our achievements in the international arena honour us and give us hope for the future of our profession. We believe that we will do better things together with this acceleration. For this purpose, we set out together as the Reconstructive Microsurgery Association and the Emergency Hand Surgery and Microsurgery Association. We will hold the national congresses of the two associations devoted to the development of reconstructive microsurgery and hand surgery in our country, at La Blanche Island Hotel, Bodrum, Turkiye from 18th of May to 21st of May, 2022.

We started our work early to create an intense and satisfying scientific program with your contributions. We have planned numerous conferences, panels, video sessions, experience transfer classes, in which both our experienced teachers and our young colleagues who are promising for the future with their work will take place. Apart from the classical sessions, we enriched the program with case discussions and complication sessions, which we think will be very useful for us in our clinical and surgical practice. Along with these, we will ensure that free paper and poster sessions get the value they deserve and are followed by a wider participants. Valuable instructors of our country, who will share their profound experience and knowledge with us, and many invited international faculty will add strength to the scientific program. Our young colleagues are the most important target audience of these meetings. With this viewpoint, as our tradition, our residents will be able to register for the congress free of charge.

In the most beautiful season of the year, we will have the opportunity to take a short break from the stressful environment of microsurgery, which we live all year long, in Bodrum, with a pleasant social program as well as scientific exchanges.

We invite all our colleagues to Bodrum on May 18 - 21, 2022, in order to organize a national congress that is beneficial, satisfying and at the highest level in every respect.

Prof. Bülent Özçelik
Rekonstrüktif Mikrocerrahi Derneği Başkanı

Prof. Türker Özkan
Acil El Cerrahisi ve Mikrocerrahi Derneği Başkanı